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How are message centers used?

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Message centers are used by businesses that want the flexibility to control their own graphics and message unit and be able to change their communication to meet their needs and the needs of their customers.
  • Large Corporations - have used such devices for years, in forums ranging from sports stadiums to Times Square. They like the ability to advertise their products in a dynamic format in which they can change their messages frequently and easily.
  • State Highway Departments have also realized the value of electronic message centers, and are increasingly using them to inform and direct traffic in large metropolitan areas, thereby easing traffic congestion and increasing traffic safety. Large-scale urban studies are currently being done to expand message center use in this area, with other "intelligent" components, to create integrated intelligent transportation systems. Under the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), they are used for regulatory, warning, and guidance purposes related to traffic control.
  • Local Banks have for years used the familiar time and temperature units.
  • Small Businesses are quickly realizing the advertising power of these dynamic visual communications devices as most people in a community look at the signs frequently. Although EMCs have been quite expensive in the past, often costing around $30,000 or more for a small, simple unit, recent technological breakthroughs have drastically reduced production and operating costs, bringing them within an affordable range.
  • Entertainment establishments, restaurants, casinos, churchs, schools, universities, sporting fields and theme parks use EMCs extensively to create a district or zone effect.
*as reported by the Small Business Association


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